Organic Cotton Undewear

Comfy, fun and hand crafted in Barcelona

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Who is behind?

MOSAIK  Eco Studio was created as a result of a mixing process of a bunch  of  experiences and adventures throughout my life. I am a Latin American  fashion designer who has a strong liking for stepping out the door in   search for experiences, inspiration, learning and people.  When I lived  by the Andes Mountains in Colombia, I discovered that I  feel very  passionate about the environment. So my work is closely inspired and  influenced by an environmentally friendly approach. I like to use as much as possible organic cotton GOTS certified fabrics, fair trade  and natural products to create comfy underwear including organic cotton bras and panties.  

Sustainability, craftmanship and fun design

 All  garment pieces are carefully created and are hand-made by me or my  designers/artists collaborators. I design, draw and stamp the prints by   hand using diverse techniques. I believe that every piece of garment   needs a background history, uniqueness, and style, and that is what I   seek to shape in my designs. I love what I do and I am dedicated to  bringing you high quality,  hand-made, eco-friendly design products.   

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


While  shopping at MOSAIK, I want you to be completely happy with the  experience. If you have questions, inquiries about customized products  or comments or even shipping, get in touch! I hope you continue to enjoy  MOSAIK products for many years to come. 

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